New trend of camping trip

Normal camping may only bring a backpack with a tent is good enough.


Have you ever heard of Glamping? This is a new type of camping, which also called as luxury camping. Glamping is the combination of "Glamorous" and "camping".

This new way of camping now is more and more popular around the world.

Literally,  we can tell what’s glamping: people want to be close to nature, but they can’t give up modern elements such as air conditioners, mattresses, sofas, car fridges, etc. Glamping would add a lot of equipment to improve the quality of life, making outdoor life more like a simple home in the wild. 

For living, various shapes and designs of tents, wooden houses, and RVs.


The RV is with many functional facilities inside, ranging from a comfortable bed, wine coolers, a functional cabinet, a tea table, a small night light etc.

RV living

Connect to the Bluetooth speaker in the car, open the roof of the RV and install a projector to enjoy private cinema with family or friends in the wild. Let the soul dance with the music in nature.


You can walk on the wooden stairs n the jungle, live in a wooden house, and listen to nature tell the most intimate forest stories;


Glamping is more than just camping. It is a reflection on the harmonious coexistence of life and nature, a state of mind that loves nature and enjoys life. 

It is the most intimate way that embrace nature.


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