RV Travel Preparation Need to Know!!

RV travel is one of the best activities that you can enjoy with your family.
Why do I say so? Because, when you go RV travel, it will give you and your family different scenery, stop and go all the way to spend time together and feel different scenery.  
 These RV travel tips are intended to help the beginners of RV travel to have the best RV trip.

1. RV rental

Car rental process

In terms of car rental process, select the rental platform according to your destination and try to choose a larger RV. The process is as follows:

  • Online booking (leasing company's official website, third-party APP) or direct to the store¬†
  • Check RV offline (leasing company)¬†
  • Sign a car rental contract¬†
  • Pay car rental fee and deposit (including deposit for violation)¬†
  • Pick up the rental RV model¬†
  • The leasing company will simply train the renter to use the RV¬†
  • Drive the RV and start traveling

 Note: Need to bring ID card and driver's license.

About RV

The home facilities equipped on the RV include: bedding, stove, cabinet, sofa, dining table and chair, toilet facilities, refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, audio and other furniture and electrical appliances, etc. It can be divided into driving area, living area, bedroom area, kitchen area, sanitary area, etc.

1. Water supply

The RV is divided into three water tanks, and each has an independent water level display:
Clean water tank: for storing drinking water and filtered water;
Grey water tank: a tank for collecting common waste water, such as bath water and vegetable washing water;
Black water tank: collect the waste water discharged from the toilet.
Add water: there is an interface of water tank on one side of the RV. After arriving at the camp, connect the water supply port of the camp to this interface through the pipe (all the RV are equipped with), and then turn off the water pump on the RV.
Drainage: all good campsites will be equipped with sewage outlets. You only need to open the valve on the interface of the main sewage pipe on the rear side of the RV, open the ash water valve, then connect it with the pipe provided by the RV, and plug the pipe into the sewage outlet of the campsite.

2. Power supply

The electric power of the RV and the house of the RV are independent of each other and will not be affected during use.

 Each camp has a water and electricity column. There is a plug-in port on one side of the RV, and there is a cable inside. You can pull out the cable directly and connect it with the socket provided by the camp. But don't forget that sometimes the socket switch of the camp is not closed, you need to check the socket first for safety.

3. RV camp

RV can not be parked anywhere for the night. These two signs indicate that overnight parking and camping are not allowed in this place.

 In addition, the RV also needs to fill the water and electricity, so it is necessary to reserve the camp in advance according to the itinerary.
The camp fees vary greatly according to the infrastructure, the camp fees range from $15 or $20 a night, and $70 to the top US $200 a night at popular camp with good equipment.
There are also some free campsites in various parts of the United States. But there is a poor the infrastructure compare with the charges camp.  Free camp is no shower or flush toilet, but there is a toilet.
Here are two websites with many free open spaces:
You can check in advance to see if there is a suitable one.

4. Precautions for luggage packing

There are many storage spaces in the interior of the RV. In order to save space, we recommended that you prepare suitcases of different sizes, such as 20, 24 or 28 inch. You can take out all the luggage and put it in the large suitcases and small boxes behind the cabinet of the RV.
The RV is basically with bathroom, with special storage space for luggage, outdoor tables and chairs.
The items in the RV are enough for your daily use. If you have purchased the personal bag, the following items are recommended:

  • Personal toiletries, towels, shower gel, shampoo, insert board, hair dryer.
  • Wi-Fi device, copy of several CDs, cigarette lighter adapter can have 2 or more;
  • Universal conversion socket, GPS or download navigation software from Google, Tom, navmii, Sygic or maps.meon mobile phone.

5. RV driving

Download the offline map, follow the traffic rules and drive carefully!!!

High speed toll

In the United States, except for the expressways in several States, which require tolls, other expressways are free.

Toll expressways are generally divided into two types: one is marked with "toll", means the whole section of the highway needs to be charged, and the lane is divided into fast lane, self-service channel or manual channel;
The other is that on the same expressway, only part of the lanes need to be charged, and the self-service highway card must be used for these lanes.
If you don’t want to be charged. When planning your trip, you can check whether you will pass through toll roads in advance, and then select "avoid toll roads" in GPS.

Can an RV drive into the city?

Caravans can drive into the urban area, but we don’t recommend doing so. On the one hand, the road conditions in the urban area are complicated, and the parking spaces on the roadside are tight. Most of the parking lots are restricted by the height in the city.
In the United States, most places are free for parking except the centers of big cities. Some scenic spots have special parking lots, but the fees are very expensive. There are parking lots in the street block. But the fees are not uniform, but most of them are cheaper than those in scenic spots. Some may be free parking lots.

Fuel consumption

For the fuel consumption of the RV, it should be based on the daily journey. Basically, I drove 100 kilometers, and the fuel consumption was about $20.

Final Word

The advantages of self-driving touring by RV are numerous, but there is a lot of homework to do. In short, make a decision according to your personal situation, budget, itinerary and other comprehensive conditions.

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