How to Use Max and Eco Modes in Your Car Fridge

A 12 volt refrigerator is a portable refrigeration and freezing device that is commonly used in outdoor activities such as camping, travel, and road trips to provide convenience for people. It helps to store food and beverages while ensuring their freshness and hygiene. With the advancements in technology, modern car refrigerators have evolved to offer more features and benefits, and more efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly, providing better experiences for car owners.

In this article, we will discuss the MAX mode and ECO mode of the car refrigerator in detail and how they enhance the user experience.


Characteristics of MAX mode

Fast Cooling

One of the most significant features of the MAX mode is its ability to cool down rapidly. When selected, the MAX mode can quickly lower the temperature of the car refrigerator to minus 10‚Äď20 degrees in a short period¬†(15¬†min), ensuring that the stored food and beverages remain fresh even in hot summer or high-temperature¬†environment.


Fast cooling

Suitable for Specific Applications

The MAX mode is suitable for use in hot summer or high-temperature environments or situations that require rapid cooling. High temperatures can easily affect the freshness of food and beverages. Therefore, rapid cooling is needed to ensure the quality of food. In high-temperature environments, the car refrigerator requires more energy to maintain the refrigeration and freezing of food. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose the MAX mode at this time.


Easy to Use

Using the MAX mode is easily. Simply select the MAX mode on the car refrigerator and put the food and drinks in the refrigerator. Wait for the indoor temperature to drop to the desired temperature. However, it should be noted that using the MAX mode constantly can accelerate the refrigerator consumption and power consumption of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only when rapid cooling is required.



When using the MAX mode, it is important to note that it cannot be used all the time, or it will accelerate the wear and tear and power consumption of the refrigerator. Also, it is recommended to place the car refrigerator in a relatively stable position when using the MAX mode to avoid problems caused by bumps and vibrations.

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Characteristics of ECO mode

Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly

The primary feature of the car refrigerator's ECO mode is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This mode reduces the power and performance of the car refrigerator, thereby reducing energy consumption and the impact on the environment. During long-distance travel, car owners need to continuously use the car refrigerator to maintain the refrigeration of food and drinks. Therefore, using the ECO mode can save energy more effectively.


Extended Battery Life

The car refrigerator is powered by the car's battery, and prolonged use can consume the car's battery power. However, using the ECO mode can reduce the power and performance of the car refrigerator, then reducing the consumption of the car's battery. After selecting the ECO mode, the refrigerator will automatically detect the voltage, and low voltage will cause the refrigerator to cut off the power automatically, thus protecting the car’s battery. Avoiding the embarrassing situation where the car refrigerator cannot be used due to battery depletion, and extending battery life.

Note: The Max mode wattage is rated power, while ECO mode wattage typically refers to the rated power minus 15 watts.

Suitable for Long-Distance Travel

The ECO mode is most suitable for long-distance travel where the car refrigerator is frequently used. It can save energy consumption and extend the battery life of the car, making it more convenient for car owners who enjoy outdoor activities for an extended period. However, the cooling speed in ECO mode is relatively slow, which is not suitable for situations where refrigeration is urgently needed.


High flexibility

The car refrigerator ECO mode has very high flexibility. It can be adjusted according to different usage situations and needs. For example, when the battery power is low, the ECO mode can be selected to extend the battery life; When fast cooling is required, the ECO mode can be turned off to improve cooling efficiency.  The combination of these functions can make the car refrigerator more intelligent and practical.

In conclusion, the MAX mode and ECO mode of the car refrigerator have their own characteristics and are suitable for different situations. Regardless of which mode you use, you should regularly check the temperature inside the car refrigerator to ensure that it remains within a safe and suitable temperature range. This can help you ensure that your food and beverages remain fresh and help you avoid wasting energy and battery life.


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