RV Traveling Tips

1. An RV can be driven by a normal driver's license. But it is still very large, about the size of a truck that you usually rent when moving 

2. The RV is not as saving money as imagined. For two people traveling, the cost of the RV is much higher than that of staying in a hotel.

3. Because of the large size of the RV, parking is troublesome, so you can basically abandon the city center of all cities, unless you choose the RV with a small car behind it.

4. Not all RV camps have water, electricity, water, and research is needed

5. Many camps are seasonal, so you must call to confirm before going

6. There are many types of RVs, and the ones that are very good for taking pictures of Internet celebrities are those that cannot be driven by themselves and need a car to be towed. For the first time renting, I recommend Class C Motorhomes, which is our motorhome rental. The overall length is less than 26 inches, suitable for those who drive a big car for the first time.

7. Regarding route planning, you must not arrange too tightly for the first time. It is recommended that you stay in a camp for 1-2 days and drive for no more than two hours a day. Because driving a motorhome requires a high degree of concentration, braking and turning are very different from ordinary cars.

8. There are many companies that rent RVs. Hertz, which specializes in RV rentals, is El Monte RV, USA RV Rentals, Camper Travel. We rent private cars similar to RV rentals. The airbnb is called RV Share. The car time comparison in this software Flexible, the car is relatively new, rent a car with insurance

9. There are many types of RV campsites. The ones in national parks or state parks are very beautiful but generally do not have water and electricity grids, but the price is about 20-50 a day. Advanced campsites generally have better facilities, including swimming pools and children’s play facilities. , The price is around 100. All need to be booked in advance. In peak season, many Americans will stay in the camp for a long time, so there are few basic vacancies.

10. The first time a RV chooses a campsite, Full Hookup is recommended, that is, the water grid and sewage discharge.


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