Why Wine Cooler Playing an Important Role at Home?

We all know that almost all celebrations are accompanied by red wine. Not only Wine lovers storage their collection in wine coolers, but there are more and more families purchase wine cooler. Because wine cooler can not only be used to store wine, but also has some other functions.

So what's the function of the wine cooler?

1 Storage alcohol

A wine cooler, as its name implies, is used to store wine.

2. Decorative

Wine cooler has become a landscape in the restaurant for many families. The different wines on display are colorful, which can add a lot of gorgeous colors to the restaurant, and it will also greatly increase the appetite.

3. Improve the quality of life

Some people will decorate the bar and wine cooler at home. They will sit at the bar and taste wine in their spare time to enjoy a comfortable relax time.

How to place the wine cooler

  • The wine cooler shall be placed on a flat and firm ground, and the packaging base shall be removed to reduce vibration and noise. When moving, the inclination angle shall not be greater than 45°.
  • The wine cooler should be placed away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • The wine cooler should be placed in a well ventilated place, and a space of more than 10 cm should be left around the cooler from the back. Built-in wine coolers dissipate heat at the bottom, while freestanding wine cooler dissipate heat from the back, so space should be reserved for heat dissipation.
  • The wine cooler should not be placed in an environment that is too cold to freeze.
  • The wine cooler should not be placed in a place with heavy moisture or easy to splash water. The splashed water and dirt should be wiped with a soft cloth in time to prevent rust and affect the electrical insulation performance.


 How to place wine 

Wine bottles should always be placed straight when storage to keep wine touch the cork. In this way, the humidity of the cork can be kept, and the wine bottle can be sealed well, and prevent the air entering and causing the wine to oxidize and ripen. When wine bottles are stored vertically, there is a gap between wine and cork, which will dry the environment, and will also lead to the shrinkage of the oak stopper due to dehydration, causing serious consequences such as liquid leakage. Therefore, it is best to place wine straight.

 wine place

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