You Should Avoid 3 Mistakes When Storing Red Wine

We know that wine is very sensitive to temperature.
There are several wrong ways to store wine that we should avoid.

Don't put wine in the place without air conditioner

The first one is not to put wine in the storage room without air conditioner, where the temperature is more than 20 degrees and 30 degrees all the year round, because high temperature is the first enemy of wine. If wine is placed in an environment with a temperature higher than 21 ℃, it will accelerate aging. If the temperature is much higher than 21 ℃, it will become like "boiled", and its aroma and flavor will be much lighter.

Don't put wine into refrigerator too long

Second, do not put wine into the refrigerator, because the temperature of the refrigerator is relatively low. The refrigerator can store a short time, If it is stored for a long time, it will not work. The average temperature of the refrigerator is far lower than 7 ℃, and its humidity is not enough, which will make the cork of wine completely dry, causing air to seep into the bottle and damaging the quality of wine. In addition, the wine should not be stored in a place where it will freeze (you can put the wine in the freezer of the refrigerator for several hours, but can’t either longer). When the liquid of wine starts to freeze, its volume of the liquid will increase, and eventually the cork will be squeezed out.


Don't put wine in the trunk of the car

Third, don't put wine in the trunk of the car. The trunk of the car is a relatively sealed space, people will feel uncomfortable if they are in such an environment for a long time, and so will wine. If the air is not circulating, the "turbid gas" will enter the red wine bottle, thus affecting the quality of red wine. To some extent, red wine likes a quite steady place. Even if it is a small vibration, wine may be sensitive and uncomfortable, not to mention the strong turbulence in the car. Vibration will accelerate the oxidation and evaporation of phenolic substances in red wine, and make the sediment in the bottle in an unstable state, breaking the delicious taste of wine.

wine in the trunk of car

What's the best way to store wine?

What's the best way to store wine? The best way to store wine is to store them in a thermostatic wine cabinet and set the corresponding temperature.

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